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Call For Papers

1st Call for Papers for EuCAP 2013, 08-12 April 2013, Swedish Exhbition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden



Please note: You will during submission of the final paper be all allowed to choose if you want your accepted paper to appear in IEEE Xplore or not"


Click here to download Call for Paper : Call for Papers Gothenburg 


Format of the Conference

The conference combines the following formats:

  • Plenary sessions with invited keynote papers
  • Oral sessions, both convened and contributed
  • Posters
  • Workshops, short courses
  • Exhibition

The number of convened sessions will be balanced to keep the conference open for interesting submissions. Posters will be presented in a large central area, near the exhibition, to attract the attention of participants and to foster fruitful technical discussions.



For the first time, EuCAP 2013 will feature a sessions track focussing on applications.  This will increase interaction between academia and industry. During abstract submission authors will be invited to allocate their contributions to one or more applications, enabling the formation of application tracks in the final program. Contributions not targeting a particular application will be allocated to regular sessions all along the week.


Conference Topics



A1          Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques                                       

A2          Antenna interactions and coupling                                       

A3          Antenna systems and architectures                                     

A4          Scattering, diffraction and RCS                

A5          Imaging and inverse scattering                                               

A6          Small antenna  and RF sensors                

A7          Wearable antennas                                      

A8          Dielectric resonator antennas                                 

A9          Printed elements, baluns and associated circuits                           

A10        Wire antennas                                

A11        Slotted, guided wave and leaky wave antennas                                             

A12        Array antennas                                              

A13        Reflectarrays and transmitarrays                                           

A14        Conformal antennas                                    

A15        Beamforming, data processing                               

A16        Adaptive and reconfigurable antennas                               

A17        Active and integrated antennas              

A18        MIMO, antenna diversity, smart and signal processing antennas                                           

A19        Reflector, feed systems and components                                         

A20        Lens antennas and radomes

A21        Frequency and polarization selective surfaces                                

A22        Multiband and wideband antennas                                      

A23        Ultra wide band antennas and time domain techniques                                            

A24        Advanced RF materials, meta-materials and EBG                                          

A25        Millimeter, sub-millimeter and TeraHertz antennas                      

A26        High power antennas   

A27        Other antenna topics   





P1           Fixed propagation modeling and measurement campaigns

P2           Mobile channel modeling and measurement campaigns

P3           Propagation / interaction with natural media (surface/vegetation)

P4           Urban/indoors propagation

P5           Trans-ionospheric propagation

P6           Short-wave propagation

P7           Millimeter and sub millimeter waves propagation

P8           UWB propagation channel 

P9           Radio climatology

P10        Polarization issues in propagation 

P11        Stochastic and deterministic channel modeling

P12        Other propagation topics



M1         General Antenna Measurements 

M2         Measurements of radar scattering and radar calibration techniques

M3         Advances in near-field, far-field, compact and RCS test ranges

M4         Measurement standards and range comparisons          

M5         Data acquisition, imaging algorithms and processing methods

M6         Diagnostics methods for antenna acceptance testing

M7         Multiple beams antenna testing                            

M8         Adaptive antenna/smart antenna testing          

M9         MM-wave/quasi-optical antenna measurements                         

M10       Ultra-wideband or frequency independent antenna measurements                   

M11       RF material characterization, test techniques and facilities        

M12       EMI/EMC/PIM chamber design, measurements and instrumentation 

M13       End to end system testing

M14       Over-The-Air  (OTA) testing of antennas and wireless devices in multipath

M15       Other measurement topics




·         Automotive

·         Aircraft, ships and trains

·         Navigation

·         Cellular mobile communication (includes: base station, machine to machine, internet on devices, handheld devices)

·         Wireless networks (includes: LAN, indoor communication)

·         High data rates transfer and backbone networks

·         RFID, on-body antennas and sensor networks

·         Biomedical (includes: human body interaction,  electromagnetic exposure and interactions)

·         Satellite communications

·         Satellite passive and active remote sensing

·         RADAR

·         Radio astronomy

·         Science and fundamental research

·         Signal and image processing

·         Defense and security

·         Commercial software

·         Topic related to more than one application (Explanation: The EDAS web page will contain pop-up cell to select several applications)            

·         Other applications (Explanation: The EDAS web page will contain pop-up cell for input by the author)

·         Topic unrelated to any application.



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Important Deadlines

Abstract submission

28 October 2012

Notification of acceptance

14 December 2012

Submission of final papers

15th January 2013

Note that there are two alternative final paper formats: One full paper  format of max 5 pages that will appear in IEEE Xplore, and another simpler 2 page abstract format that will not appear there.


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