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Swedish Antenna Veterans' Day on 11 April

It is our pleasure to invite Swedish Antenna Veterans to this social event on Thursday 11th April 2013. The program is as follows: 

08.30-13.00: Visit to Grimeton radio station SAQ, Unesco World Heritage. Price €20.

13.00-14.00: Individual lunchGrimeton radio station SAQ

14.00-17.40: Attendance to Special EuCAP2013 session about ”The History of Antennas in Sweden” in Svenska Mässan. Free attendance. See program below*.

18.30-23.00: Awards banquet with entertainment by ”The Greatest ABBA Show ever”, see  Price SEK 600 (€70) covering food and drinks. Note that the ABBA show is of international format and is sponsored by Bluetest AB. You will as an antenna veteran get a reserved table in a good location relative to the scene.


Please attend to celebrate Sweden’s largest international contributions to antenna technology and popular music. The special session is formally arranged as a workshop, and therefore we can let you in without paying any registration fee. However, the “workshop” will be properly aABBA2nnounced, and we know that the presentations will attract also many others than antenna veterans and even international conference delegates. Still, the Swedish antenna veterans will be prioritized as explained.

Please register as soon as possible via the EuCAP web site, for the whole or part of the program. You may of course also attend together with your spouse, to be noted at registration. The sooner you register the better so that we can plan everything properly.

To qualify as antenna veteran at the registration you must be retired and have a past in microwaves or antennas, especially in activities connected with Sweden and the Nordic countries, but you do not necessarily need to be a Swede! 

Please use the discount code SAveteran2013 in order to access the registration to Swedish Antenna Veterans' Day.

*Preliminary program of Workshop-session about “The History of Antennas in Sweden” on 11 April  2013

Chairman: Claes Beckman

Organizers: Per-Simon Kildal, Carl-Henrik Walde, Per Ingvarson

Session/workshop name: The History of Antennas in Sweden

14:00-17:40 hours.

1. Joakim F Johansson, RUAG Space AB, "The early days of radio in Sweden, Ernst F W Alexanderson and Grimeton radio station SAQ, Unesco World Heritage."

2. Hans Olofsson, Director Onsala Space Observatory, "Swedish Radio Astronomy".

3. Gudmund Wannberg, Wannberg Radar Consulting AB, formerly Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), "The EISCAT antenna systems for Swedish and international ground-based space radio science".

4. Per Ingvarson, "Swedish space antenna projects"

5. Lars Josefsson, Lars Microwave, "Radar antenna R&D in Sweden"

6. Claes Beckman, KTH and Bo Karlsson, Cellmax, "The story of Allgon: HF, VHF, cellular and microwave antennas during almost 60 years"

7. Tomas Östling, Arkivator AB, "The industrial story of the hat-fed reflector antenna for global microwave-link market: The 25 years from invention via Comhat to mass production in Arkivator"

8. Charlie Orlenius, Bluetest AB, "The Bluetest story: the 12 years from a crazy idea to commercial success"

9. Carl-Henrik Walde, Secretary of Swedish URSI, and Gunnar Petersson, KTH, "Personal recollections and interviews covering Swedish antenna history: Hallén and his integral equation, defence activities, ANTENN conferences, stealth craft Smyge""

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